About Us



Anshul Impex was formed to harness nature’s finest work of art by selecting the best natural semi precious stones for creating unique designs to supply our valued customers with classy and elegant gemstone carved products, therapeutic healing and Reiki products vibrant decorative tumbled stones in a wide variety of semi precious stones.

Anshul Impex is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of semi precious stone products delighting our treasured customers in more than 15 countries across the globe.

We supply our products to Wholesalers, Retailers, Metaphysical Shop Owners and Crystal Shop Owners. We include the most intricate details and designs to define our products, at a competent price. We believe looking beautiful and fashionable is the right of every person present in this world, and we
are only a stepping stone to help them achieve the same. Our Crystals are also used in Lithotherapy to help ease and heal one thoughts, mind,
and body.

With keeping our vision in mind, we work to make the world look
more beautiful, and soothe every heart and soul with the help of our most premium quality crystals and gemstones.

Why is Anshul Impex a fit for you?

With combination of low minimum order quantities (MOQs), factory wholesale prices, and superior quality crystals, ensuring resorts can stock their stores with a diverse range of products without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

Start your store in just $149

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50% reduction in Dead Inventory

New Product Launches Every Month

Trust and Loyalty

Start your store in just $149

With a minimum order value of just $149, you can efficiently manage your inventory and maximize profits, ensuring financial flexibility and success for your business.